Spatio-temporal resampling methods for mlr3.

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This package extends the mlr3 package framework with spatiotemporal resampling and visualization methods.

The package is in very early stages and breaking changes withour further notice are expected. If you want to use if for your research, you might need to refactor your analysis along the way.

Resampling methods

Currently, the following ones are implemented:

Literature Package Reference mlr3 Sugar
Spatial Buffering blockCV Valavi 2019 rsmp("spcv-buffer")
Spatial Blocking blockCV Valavi 2019 rsmp("spcv-block")
Spatial CV sperrorest Brenning 2012 rsmp("spcv-coords")
Environmental Blocking blockCV Valavi 2019 rsmp("spcv-env")
- - - rsmp("sptcv-cluto")
Leave-Location-and-Time-Out CAST Meyer 2018 rsmp("sptcv-cstf")
Repeated Spatial Blocking blockCV Valavi 2019 rsmp("repeated-spcv-block")
Repeated Spatial CV sperrorest Brenning 2012 rsmp("repeated-spcv-coords")
Repeated Env Blocking blockCV Valavi 2019 rsmp("repeated-spcv-env")
- - - rsmp("repeated-sptcv-cluto")

Spatial tasks

Name Code Type
ecuador tsk("ecuador") Classif
diplodia tsk("diplodia") Classif

Spatiotemporal tasks

Name Code Type
cookfarm tsk("cookfarm") Regr


S3 autoplot() for all implemented spatial resampling methods.

Visualization of all folds


task = tsk("ecuador")
resampling = rsmp("spcv-coords", folds = 5)

autoplot(resampling, task)

Visualization of a specific fold

autoplot(resampling, task, fold_id = 1)

Spatiotemporal Visualization

Three-dimensional visualization via {plotly}

(See vignette “Spatiotemporal Visualization” for an interactive 3D HTML variant.)

task_st = tsk("cookfarm")
resampling = rsmp("spcv-cluto", folds = 5)
resampling$instantiate(task_st, time_var = "Date")
autoplot(resampling, task_st, fold_id = 1, point_size = 3)

More resources

For detailed information on how to use spatial resampling in {mlr3} please read the section about spatial analysis in the mlr3 book and consult the Getting Started vignette.


Brenning, Alexander. 2012. “Spatial cross-validation and bootstrap for the assessment of prediction rules in remote sensing: The R package sperrorest.” In 2012 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium. IEEE.

Schratz, Patrick, Jannes Muenchow, Eugenia Iturritxa, Jakob Richter, and Alexander Brenning. 2019. “Hyperparameter Tuning and Performance Assessment of Statistical and Machine-Learning Algorithms Using Spatial Data.” Ecological Modelling 406 (August): 109–20.

Valavi, Roozbeh, Jane Elith, Jose J. Lahoz-Monfort, and Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita. 2018. “blockCV: an R package for generating spatially or environmentally separated folds for k-fold cross-validation of species distribution models.” bioRxiv, June.